TBARS Toolbars are affordable and offer a very quick return on your investment.


TBARS Toolbars are surprisingly affordable for the value they offer.  Prices are as low as $500.




TBARS Toolbar prices vary depending on usage:

  • Web sites can incorporate a TBARS Toolbar for pennies per user.

  • Corporations can incorporate a TBARS Toolbar for a small fraction of their current employee 
    communication costs.

  • Application developers can incorporate a TBARS Toolbar for a single fixed fee per product.

100% satisfaction guaranteed before you purchase:

All TBARS Toolbars are available for your full evaluation prior to purchase.  These demo toolbars are fully functional and fully customizable through a simple browser based interface.  After you have customized a demo toolbar to meet your requirements, we will build your toolbar for you. 

Getting started is simple:

Click here to learn more about the TBARS Toolbar Integration process.  Then, click here to review our Terms of Use before you download a TBARS Demo Toolbar for your evaluation. 


TBARS Toolbars are offered to large web sites and corporations at a significant volume discount. 



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