July 20, 2006.


Openbar LLC is pleased to make the following announcement:



TBARS Toolbars™ connects with social networking web sites

Openbar LLC offers its TBARS Toolbars™ product suite to social networking web sites to help them keep their members continuously connected.

Openbar LLC, the creators of the TBARS Toolbars™ product suite, today announced its plans to offer its products to social networking web sites as a simple and cost-effective method to increase usage and to boost member loyalty.

Pat Fedderman, Openbar LLC’s Director of Business Development said, “Adding a TBARS Toolbar to your social networking web site is an excellent way to keep your members continuously connected with each other. With TBARS Toolbars, you gain a dedicated space on your member’s screen that you can use to display live content, including photos and videos, and to provide easy access to your site's offerings.”

“In addition,” he continues, “with TBARS Toolbars, you can leverage your existing rich site content and your members’ personalizations to provide an interactive and dynamic experience. We believe that this is something that no other toolbar product can offer.”

The TBARS Toolbars product suite includes Toolbars, Explorer Bars, and Desk Bars for Microsoft Windows™ and Internet Explorer™. It is compatible with all content generation and web server platforms. Integration does not require additional hardware or additional programming skills.

Fully functional demonstration versions of the TBARS Toolbars product suite, documentation, and additional information are available at http://www.tbars.com.

Openbar LLC was founded in 2004. Its TBARS Toolbars product suite is designed specifically for browser based products including web sites, corporate intranets, and web based applications. For more information about Openbar LLC or the TBARS Toolbars product suite, please contact Pat Fedderman, Director of Business Development, by email, mailto:info@tbars.com, or by phone, (914)861-1718.






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