Find out how a TBARS Toolbar can add value to your web site.


When you integrate a TBARS Toolbar, your web site gains a dedicated display area and your customer has continuous access to your web site’s content and features. This increases customer loyalty, brand recognition, web site usage, and revenue potential.


Uses include web site searches, order status displays, and real time communication alternatives to email.




  • Your web site content is always visible and accessible. Your toolbar can display the same content as your web site and the content can be customized, in real time, for each customer.

  • Your toolbar content is generated by your existing web server and existing content generator using only HTML.

  • Your toolbar content has the same look and feel as your web site. Your can use your web site’s images, styles, language, and layouts. You can also use javascript, flash, and animated images. Plus, you can display targeted banners and advertisements.

  • All of your web site’s features are available from the toolbar. This includes search capabilities, instant message and email notifications, and news alerts.

  • Your customers' toolbar usage is automatically tracked in your web servers' log files.

  • Your toolbar content utilizes your web site’s context information (cookies).

  • Your toolbar content can utilize HTTPS and your existing SSL certificates for secure communication.


  • No additional hardware or software is necessary.

  • There are no redundant configuration files to maintain or distribute.

  • You are not limited to fixed content layouts or styles.

  • You are not limited to a fixed set of features.




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