Find out how your corporate intranet can benefit from a TBARS Toolbar.


When you integrate a TBARS Toolbar, you crate a single, central access point for your company’s diverse intranet sites, browser based applications, and communication distribution mechanisms.


Uses include unified quick access menus, message indicators, and digital dashboards.




  • Your company’s intranet site and web application features are always visible and accessible. Functionality can be customized for each employee based on preferences, job titles, or organizational structures.
  • Toolbar content is generated by your existing intranet servers and existing content generators using only HTML.
  • Your toolbar content can include company news and information broadcasted to all employees in real-time.
  • Your toolbar can leverage your company’s single sign-on solution.
  • You can centrally track overall employee intranet and web application usage.
  • The toolbar can be distributed and installed using almost any remote desktop management solution.


  • No additional hardware or software is necessary.
  • There are no redundant configuration files to maintain or distribute.
  • You are not limited to fixed content layouts or styles.
  • You are not limited to a fixed set of features.



Click here to find out how easy it is to integrate a TBARS Toolbar into your corporate intranet.



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